Virtualbox: VM does not start after creating a snapshot. EFail (0x80004005)


when using vhd disks or when you convert other  disk formats (vmdk, vhd)  to vdi and you create  a snapshot, the virtual machine won’t boot.

An error occurs while starting the vm:

Fehlercode: E_FAIL (0x80004005)
Component: ProgressProxy
Interface: IProgress {c20238e4-3221-4d3f-8891-81ce92d9f913}

In this case the manager for virtual medias shows an error that the parent UUID of the snapshot file does not matches the UUID of parent medium stored in the media registry c:\Users\Username\.virtualbox\VirtualBox.xml.

This can be fixed 🙂 Get the UUID of the parent disk
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Windows: Extract all files from a msi file


first post in 2015 🙂

msiexec offers the ability to extract all files included in an msi file to a specified folder by alter the TARGETDIR proberty of the msi package.

Syntax is
msiexec /a msifile.msi /qb TARGETDIR=D:\target
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