Java: Error AccessControlException =>” “” “connect,resolve


you want to launch a Java Applet and you get an error like this AccessControlException =>” “” “connect,resolve.

This error typically occurs when you start an applet and this applet want to open a socket connection to an different IP Address or TCP Port as the applet came from. Since Java 8 such action would blocked.

But there is a workaround to get this running.

Add the URLs/IP Address to the Site exception list

Java Site Exception List

Java Site Exception List

Then open the java.policy file located in the subfolder lib\security at the Java installation folder and add the following string to the grant section, replace with your IP Address respectively TCP Port.
In this example C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0\lib\security\java.policy

grant {
   permission "", "connect, resolve";

Restart your Browser and try again.


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  1. I am unable to make changes in the JAVA policy. its says access denied. please help me to resolve the same.


    • Right click and run notepad.exe as an administrator. Then browse to and open the java.policy file and make your change. Make sure you’re looking for all files.


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