Kodi: Youtube plugin not working anymore


due to some API changes at youtube the Kodi Youtube Plugins up to Version 5.1.17 from bromix does not work anymore:

  • Setup wizard craches at language,locals settings
  • Youtube search ends with error message “Bad request”

Bad new: Bromix has discontinue support for his plugin due to personal/private reasons and the broken plugin is still available in the kodi repository.

Good news: Kolifanes has forked the youtube plugin and has released version (as at 2016/18/03).

To install the plugin, first uninstall the plugin Youtube over the Addon Manager inside the Kodi GUI.

Login to your Kodi media center and remove the youtube plugin folder. For Openelec the folder is located at

rm -r /storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.youtube

Download Kolifanes Plugin from github

cd /tmp/
wget https://github.com/Kolifanes/plugin.video.youtube/archive/master.zip

Go back to GUI and install Add-on from zip file.

The Youtube plugin should now working as expected.




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