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Git: Export all versions of a file within a given time range


in some cases I uses git repositories for versioning log files and want to export a specific logfile in all versions:

for CommitHash in `git rev-list HEAD -- myFolder/myfile`; do
    git show ${CommitHash}:myFolder/myfile > export/${CommitHash}_myfile

combined with given time range

git  rev-list --after="2021-08-31" --until="2021-10-10" HEAD

and the the date of a commit in the filename

git show --format=%cd -s --date=format:'%Y%m%d-%H%M%S' 8dba4dd6ef44fe0c069ec87eb179ac8f8ae2222c

This should be this one:

export File=myFolder/myfile
export ExportFolder=/tmp
for CommitHash in `git rev-list --after="2021-11-01" --until="2021-11-16" HEAD -- $File`; do
    export CommitDate=$(git show --format=%cd -s --date=format:'%Y%m%d-%H%M%S' ${CommitHash})
    export ExportFileName=${ExportFolder}/${File}_${CommitDate}_${CommitHash} 
    echo Exporting $ExportFileName  
    git show ${CommitHash}:${File} > $ExportFileName