VMware vSphere: Copy files to the VCSA (Linux) Appliance


each user who migrated their Windows based vCenter Servers to the Linux based VCSA Appliance have the save problem. How can I copy files (for example certificates) to and from the VCSA.

The vSphere VCSA appliance have a builtin ssh daemon. Unfortunately it doesn’t support sftp/scp. If try to connect an
Error: Cannot initialize sftp protocol. occurs.

Fortunately ­čÖé a seperate sftp server is shipped with the appliance. Configure WinSCP as usual and in the advancedsettings dialog set

Environment -> SFTP -> Protocal options -> SFTP Server = "shell /usr/libexec/sftp-server"

Thats it.


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3 thoughts on “VMware vSphere: Copy files to the VCSA (Linux) Appliance”

  1. Wenn ich mich mit dem administrator@vsphere.local anmelde, habe ih keine Rechte Dateien in ein Verzeichnis zu kopieren. Root-Zugriff funktioniert nicht pass ssh und auch nicht per win-scp. Wie bekomme ich ausreichende Rechte um Dateien kopieren zu k├Ânnen?

  2. Sorry, once again in english:
    can┬┤t login as root neithe in ssh nor in win-scp. with the administrator@vsphere.local, I can┬┤t copy files to VCSA, I get permission denied.
    So how can I get the right permissions to write to my home directory at least?

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