VMware: x64 virtual machines within nested ESXi Hosts


if you plan to run an ESXi Host within an ESXi Host and enabling support for 64-bit for VMs some additional settings are requiered:

  • The VM version must be at least version 9. This version could only created with the (flash) webfrontend. The Windows Client supports only versions up to 8.
  • At the CPU settings the switch “Expose hardware assisted virtualization to guest OS” must set.

    VMware: Expose hardware assisted flag
    VMware: Expose hardware assisted flag
  • Or add the parameter in the vmx file of the virtual machine in which the virtualized ESXi host should run. To enable hardware “assisted virtualization” The parameter
    must be set.

This error occurs if one these requierments are not fulfilled: “Longmode is unsupported. It is required for 64-bit guest OS support. On Intel systems, longmode requires VT-x to be enabled in the BIOS. On nested virtual ESX hosts, longmode requires the “Virtualized Hardware Virtualization” flag to be enabled on the outer VM.”


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