WSUS: Windows Update Server does not deliver newer updates. Error code: 0x80070003


a customer had no issue that its WSUS server does not deliver new updates (February 2023). The download of the updates ends up in an Error 0x80070003.

The WSUS log was full of 404 (File not found) errors.

2023-04-02 09:13:43 GET /Content/AA/3294AF9937B733783476DA837B21943DC160FAAA.wim - 8887 - Microsoft-Delivery-Optimization/10.1 - 404 3 50 0
2023-04-02 09:14:10 GET /Content/AA/3294AF9937B733783476DA837B21943DC160FAAA.wim - 8887 - Microsoft-Delivery-Optimization/10.1 - 404 3 50 0
2023-04-02 09:15:13 GET /Content/AA/3294AF9937B733783476DA837B21943DC160FAAA.wim - 8887 - Microsoft-Delivery-Optimization/10.1 - 404 3 50 0

A look at the filesystems shows that the updates was downloaded successfully from the internet.

PS D:\> dir D:\WSUS\WsusContent\AA\3294AF9937B733783476DA837B21943DC160FAAA.wim

    Directory: D:\WSUS\WsusContent\AA

Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                -------------         ------ ----
-a----       10.10.2022     21:10     6026932616 3294AF9937B733783476DA837B21943DC160FAAA.wim

The problem was that the file is not delivered from the IIS due to a missing mime type handler.

Add the .WIM file to the IIS as type application/octet-stream.

WSUS .WIM Mime type handler
WSUS .WIM Mime type handler


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