Audio CD Ripping: Error on Freedb request


tools for ripping audio cd’s like Audiograpper, RipperX, or Cdex can query the freedb database for getting Song and Album titles depend on a unique identifier.

Freedb end its service in 2020. So all requests to the freedb server returns an error.

The gnudb can handle such request. You simple have to set the proxy server to port 80. This redirects all queries to the gnudb servers and the gnudb servers will answer for your freedb requests.


RipperX freedb proxy
RipperX freedb proxy


Audiograbber - Freedb settings
Audiograbber – Freedb settings

Audiograbber - Freedb proxy
Audiograbber – Freedb proxy


CDex - settings
CDex – settings
CDex - freedb proxy
CDex – freedb proxy

Other programs should be adjustable in the same way.


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