Git: Delete last x commits on github/gitlab


this post describes if something went wrong and you want to delete the last n commits on gitlab.

Make a fresh clone of your repository

michael@debdev ~ # git clone
michael@debdev ~ # cd MyProject

Determine the last commit you want to preserve/your HEAD should be

michael@debdev ~/MyProject # git log 
commit f526d79a10fbdc702e3c7c6b148a53289868731b (HEAD -> main, origin/main, origin/HEAD)
Author: michael@debdev
Date:   Thu Jul 4 18:48:38 2024 +0200

    Doc update

commit dc67e928afc7092daa21b33fa8193a96b76375fe
Author: michael@debdev
Date:   Thu Jul 4 18:40:10 2024 +0200

    New File

commit 3023fb10bcde2faf390eb9b4f69b538711daba40
Author: michael@debdev
Date:   Thu Jul 4 18:24:58 2024 +0200


In the case commit 3023fb10bcde2faf390eb9b4f69b538711daba40

michael@debdev ~/MyProject # git reset --hard dc67e928afc7092daa21b33fa8193a96b76375fe

Then push it pack with -f switch

michael@debdev ~/MyProject # git push -f origin main

If an error

remote: GitLab: You are not allowed to force push code to a protected branch on this project.

occure then your respository is protected. Unprotect it

gitlab unprotect repository

push the repository and reprotect the repository.


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