Links: A list of virus scanner Live CDs


if a virus infection was detected or is just assumed, the best way to found all of them, is to boot from a “Clean” medium to ensure no rootkit hide some importend details from the scanner.

There are a couple of Live CDs for this job.

Microsoft Defender Offline – It used a Windows PE. Has a graphical frontend

Avira Rescue System – Linux based with a graphical frontend

Live Scanner Kaspersky Lab – Linux based with a KDE based Desktop

Dr. Web Live CD – not tested yet

F-Secure Rescue CD – Linux LiveCD – text based

Bitdefender Rescue CD – Linux Live CD with a graphical LXDE Desktop
AVG Rescue CD – Also Linux based but with a menu driven text frontend

Panda Security LiveCD – Linux based and simple to use.

Use multiple of them to get the the best possible result to eliminate all infections!


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