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Wireshark/tcpdump: Write trace to a ringbuffer file


sometimes it is necessary to only dump the network traffic before an event happend. For this cases wirkshark has the command line option for a ringbuffer.

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Tools & Sites: Tools & Sites overview

This is a list of useful tools and links


Process Hacker -> Can show Windows firewall matches
Sysinternals Process Monitor
Sysinternals Process Explorer


netsh – netsh trace
Microsoft Message Analyzer
wifite – Recover WiFi credentials
Nzyme – WLAN intrution detection

Get lost login/Credentials/Password

Hydra -> Login-Cracker
Windows Login Unlocker -> Reset account in WinPE
chntpw -> Reset account in WinPE
LaZagne -> – Python open source application used to retrieve lots of passwords
John the Ripper
John the Ripper
zip2john -> extract hash from zip -> Get pass with John the Ripper
DPAPI explained (used for Windows Vault)

Clone OS/Disk Imaging

Rufus – Create USB Bootstick

Recover files

photorec -> recover files
TestDisk -> recover partitions
OSFMount -> Mount images created by dd or ddrescue under Windows

Check webserver

DIRB – Search for well known folders and look for credentials…
WPScan – Check WordPress for known vulnarbiliteies
SQLmap – Check for SQL Injections

Intercept and inspect https traffic

OWAP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

Security Tools

metasploit -> Check again vulnarbiliteies
PowerShell Empire
mimikatz -> Extract credentials from Windows
Ghidra -> Reverse engineering
Reko – Decompiler/Reverse engineering
JD – Java Decompiler
Rubeus -> Raw Kerberos interaction
Windows Privilege Escalation – Scripts , etc…
Analyze physical Memory, memory dumps -> Volatility, Redline, Rekall

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, MemGator
nmap – Port scanner

Post Explotation Frameworks


Tool collections


Windows 10

Sophia Script -> Disable some Windows 10 functions

Boot Manager

Ventoy – Can boot iso, wim images….


Trivy – Scans docker images for vulnerabilities

Copy Tools

rcrypt – Copies files to various targets, can also encrypted data (webdav,s3, ….). Available for Windows, Linux..




Kicad – electronic design automation (EDA)
QElectroTech – create electric diagrams. Usefull for drawing electric diagrams for your home

Audio CD ripping/grapping

RipperX – Linux
CDex – Windows Newer Version comes with adware
Fre:ac – Windows

QR codes

Qreator – Generates WLAN, URL QRCodes (Linux)
SimpleCodeGenerator – Nirsoft quickly generate QR Code (Windows)

Multimedia center, Internet radio

Kodi – Media center
Volumio – Raspberry Audio Player
Pi Core Player
moodeaudio – Raspberry Audio Player
BubbleUPnP Server – Chromecast server, UPNP renderer….


ILSpy – .NET/C# decompiler


Testing/control Websites  РSelenium




IOMeterSurface that takes some getting used to, old,  but still working.

DiskSpd – Microsoft tool for checking DIsk IO


iperf – Supports TCP/UDP, differnet packet sizes…

gradlew: Using gradlew behind a http proxy server


using gradlew behind a proxy server:

Create config directory if not exists

michael@debdev ~# mkdir ~/.gradle

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Libreelec: Compile latest Libreelec for Orange Pi PC


Libreelec for Allwinner CPUs is currently under development.

If you want to compile the latest version you have to compile it from source or use the precompiled images.

Ensure you have enough disk space (>= 20GB). These steps are necessary for a Orange Pi PC and you have to adopt it to your device.
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FritzBox: Get serialnumber


wihtin the WebGui its not possible to read the serial number of a Fritzbox.

But its possible by opening the following URL in your favorite Browser

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