Linux: mount.cifs failed with host is down


due to some security issues (Wannacry) Windows administrators are going to disable the unsecure smb1 protocol.

mount.cifs is using smb1 by default. So when you tried to connect to a Windows machine where smb1 is disabled you get an error: mount error(112): Host is down.

root@devdeb ~ # mount -t cifs -o user=yourWindowsUser,workgroup=yourDomain //yourWindowsMachine/share\$ /mnt/yourWindowsMachine
mount error(112): Host is down

To establish a connection nevertheless you have to force the use of smb2

root@devdeb ~ # mount -t cifs -o user=yourWindowsUser,workgroup=yourDomain,vers=2.0 //yourWindowsMachine/share\$ /mnt/yourWindowsMachine


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