Mail: Generator for mail subject line with Emoji, Pictographs and Symbols


to show emoji,Pictographs or symbols in email subject line this line must be UTF8 encoded.

For example a heart. A heart has the Unicode Heart Unicode UTF8(Hex) Code 0xE2 0x99 0xA5.

The skeleton for a UTF8 subject line is

=?utf-8?Q? Your Subject Content ?=

So insert your subject between the last two questionmarks. At the postition of the emoji insert the UTF8 hex code, replace “0x” with “=” and remove space between the 3 Hex parts:

=?utf-8?Q?With love =E2=99=A5?=

I have written a simple Subject line generator. Insert the HTML Code 💖 or Unicode Code Position U+1F496 into the “Emoji HTML-or Unicode” Field:

Emoji HTML-or Unicode:

Subject Text:

UTF8 Character:

UTF8 Hex Code:

UTF8 Subject Code:

Subject Preview:


Sources for Symbols, Pictographs and Special characters

Copy the Subject: field of the generator to the subject field of your favorite mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird..)

Mail with emoji subject

Mail with emoji subject


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