OpenVPN: Error: IP packet with unknown IP version


this is a checklist for the error on an OpenVPN 2.4 Server “IP packet with unknown IP version” when a client has established a connection successfully but you can not reach any IP Addresses in the network.

  • Check compression parameter. Ensure that if set the client and server has the some compression config:
    for example:
    comp-lzo yes
    compress lzo
    Note: comp-lzo is deprecated.
    For native OpenVPN 2.4 (Client and Server) installations use compress.
  • Ensure that client and server uses the same dev-type
    Set dev tap an both.


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One thought on “OpenVPN: Error: IP packet with unknown IP version”

  1. Hey, thanks for posting this — you fixed the problem I’ve been struggling with all afternoon! (Apparently in DD-WRT, “No” compression doesn’t mean “No” — you need to pick “Disabled”.)


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