OpenVPN: OpenVPN asks for a password


after migrating to a new client and installing the latest version of OpenVPN, OpenVPN asks for a password while trying to connect to the server.

2 possible reasons while OpenVPN requests a password. If the PKCS12 Container or the used key has a password:
– On the old machine the password was stored once by the OpenVPN-GUI. Then it could be found under HKCU\Software\OpenVPN-GUI\configs
– A directive auth-user-pass is defined in the openvpn config file:
auth-user-pass password.dat
Then the file password.dat must reside in the directory as the openvpn config file.

or if no passphrase is set on the key within the PKCS12 container:
– The cipher algorithm of the /keycertificate is to old.

Then switch on openssl legacy algorithm in your OpenVPN (.ovpn) config file
data-ciphers-fallback BF-CBC
providers legacy default


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