Recovery: Recover files from SD Cards or dd image


linux has 3 tools for recovering files from a (damaged) SD Card or from an dd image taken by ddrescue. Usually all tools need an empty output directory.


michael@debdev ~ # mkdir /home/michael/photorec
michael@debdev ~ # photorec  myImage.img

Call foremost with the -t parameter to specify the file types to recovery

michael@debdev ~ # mkdir /home/michael/fore/
michael@debdev ~ # foremost -v -t jpg,mp4,mov -q -i myImage.img -o /home/michael/fore/ -T

Edit the config file /etc/scalpel/scalpel.conf and comment out all file types you want to search for.

michael@debdev ~ #  scalpel -o /home/michael/recover/scal/  myImage.img


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