Subversion: Check out a project over http proxy server


short post today. It is possible to anonymously checkout the latest version of a project over a http and a http proxy server. The only requierment is that the SVN respository must be available via http.

To define a proxy server open /etc/subversion/servers, locate the [global] section and add/edit the following properties:

http-proxy-host =
http-proxy-port = 8080

michael@debdev:~# svn checkout superputty-read-only
A    superputty-read-only/SuperPutty.sln
A    superputty-read-only/License.txt
A    superputty-read-only/SuperPutty
A    superputty-read-only/SuperPutty/dlgFindPutty.Designer.cs
A    superputty-read-only/SuperPutty/Logger.cs
A    superputty-read-only/SuperPutty/ToolWindow.resx


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