Windows: Fatal error occurred while trying to sysprep the machine


if use some Image technologies to deploy your Windows installation and your new images are based on older ones sysprep or you have installed Internet Explorer 10, sysprep eventually can fail.

This occurs when sysprep /generalize is applied 9 times against an Windows installation. The counter is stored in the registry.
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Windows: Cannot bring up Cluster Networkname Resources


a customer has, accidentally, deleted multiple Active Directory Computer objects which correspond to Network Name Resources of a Windows Cluster 🙁 .

The cluster network name itself was also affected and no backup of the AD Database to restore the objects was available.

All solutions that I’ve found to get the cluster working again are based on the restore of the AD objects.

But there is also another way respective hack 🙂 . This works for me on a Windows 2008 R2 Cluster.
Typical error are:

  • Event ID 1207 is logged to the Eventlog: “Unable to get Computer Object using GUID” “There is no such object on the server.”
  • Or in the C:\Windows\Cluster\Reports\cluster.log file (exported with cluster.exe log g)
    Network Name <Clustername>: Unable to Logon. winError 1326

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