Windows 8.1: Installing .NET 3.5 Framework


installing .NET 3.5 on Windows 8.1 differs from install other feature because you have to specify the location of the files to being installed.

To install .NET 3.5 you need access to a Windows 8.1 DVD especially the \sources\sxs folder.

Let us assumed your CD drive letter is D: then you have to call:
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Windows: Install a feature which is in State “removed”


if a windows feature is in Install State removed, in this example the .NET Framework on Server 2012 R2.

PS C:\> Get-WindowsFeature *net*

Display Name                          Name                       Install State
------------                          ----                       -------------
            [ ] ASP.NET 3.5           Web-Asp-Net                    Available
            [ ] ASP.NET 4.5           Web-Asp-Net45                  Available
[ ] .NET Framework 3.5 Features       NET-Framework-Features         Available
    [ ] .NET Framework 3.5 (inc....)  NET-Framework-Core             Removed
    [ ] HTTP Activation               NET-HTTP-Activation            Available
    [ ] Non-HTTP Activation           NET-Non-HTTP-Activ             Available

and if you try to install you’ll get an error message:
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