VMWare vSphere: Update VCSA Appliance from command line


I will show you how you can update a VCSA Appliance from command line rather then from webfrontend.

I assume you have configured a proxy server when you do not have a direct internet connection.

Login to the appliance at the console or by ssh.

Stage the packages and accept eula

Command> software-packages stage --url --acceptEulas
 [2021-02-28T18:44:03.060] : UpdateInfo: Using product version and build 17004997
 [2021-02-28T18:44:03.060] : Target VCSA version =
 [2021-02-28T18:44:32.060] : Running requirements script.....

 [2021-02-28T18:44:54.060] : Evaluating packages to stage...
 [2021-02-28T18:44:54.060] : Verifying staging area
 [2021-02-28T18:44:54.060] : Staging process completed successfully

List staged update

Command> software-packages list --staged
        category: Bugfix
        kb: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/7.0/rn/vsphere-vcenter-server-70u1d-release-notes.html
        leaf_services: ['vmware-pod' <a href="https://puttygen.in">https://puttygen.in</a> , 'vsphere-ui', 'wcp']
        vendor: VMware, Inc.
        name: VC-7.0U1d
        size in MB: 5103

Install staged packages, the vSphere sso adminstrator password is needed during installation.

Command> software-packages install --staged
Enter Single Sign-On administrator password:

 [2021-03-01T09:08:47.060] : Validating software update payload
 [2021-03-01T09:08:47.060] : UpdateInfo: Using product version and build 17004997
 [2021-03-01 09:08:47,460] : Running validate script.....
 [2021-03-01T09:08:52.060] : Validation successful
 [2021-03-01 09:08:52,485] : Copying software packages 39/165

If you don’t won’t to update directly over the internet, download the latest patch and mount the iso as a cdrom to the VCSA appliance.

Stage it with

Command> software-packages stage --iso

Logs about the update process:
The appliance state is stored here:

If an update failed, you want to open a ticket, VMware wants an Appilance log bundle

Command> shell
root@ myVCSA # vc-support.sh

Bundle is stored at /storage/log/


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