Windows: Enable policy to prevent connections to multiple networks


via Windows Policy it is possible to restrict the access to multiple Networks.

If you have a domain connected computer and want to prevent using a second network interface then set the policy

Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Network/Windows Connection Manager

“Prohibit connection to non-domain networks when connected to domain authenticated network”

Windows prohibit connection
Windows prohibit connection

Or if you want to control it more in detail use

“Minimize the number of simultaneous connections to the Internet or a Windows Domain”

“Allow simultanoues connections” => Allow all traffice
“Minimize simultanoues connections” => Any new internet connection is block if a connection exists but User can still manually connect to any network

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, e.g. WiFi or cellular.
“Stay connected to cellular” => Similar to “Minimize simultanoues connections” but user can connect to WiFi and Ethernet and no routing is possible
“Prevent WiFi when on Ethernet => This prevents WiFi connections is an ethernet connection is already established

Windows prevent multiple connection
Windows prevent multiple connection

See also: How to prevent the driver installation for a specific device.


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