Windows: IIS is disabled but Windows still listen at Port 80/443


a customer had the problem that he disables the IIS service (w3svc) but Windows still listens at port 443.

D:\> sc query w3svc
        TYPE               : 20  WIN32_SHARE_PROCESS
        STATE              : 1  STOPPED
D:\> netstat -an|findstr /i 443
  TCP                LISTENING

This could occur because multiple services/processes can listen to port 80/443 and the w3svc service does not use it exclusivly.

The http.sys driver handles those connections and can configured with the netsh http command.

In this case

netsh http>show servicestate

Snapshot of HTTP service state (Server Session View):

Server session ID: FF00000020000001
    Version: 2.0
    State: Active
        Max bandwidth: 4294967295
            Entity body timeout (secs): 120
            Drain entity body timeout (secs): 120
            Request queue timeout (secs): 120
            Idle connection timeout (secs): 120
            Header wait timeout (secs): 120
            Minimum send rate (bytes/sec): 150
    URL groups:
    URL group ID: FE00000040000001
        State: Active
        Request queue name: Request queue is unnamed.
            Max bandwidth: 4294967295
            Max connections: 4294967295
                Timeout values inherited
            Number of registered URLs: 1
            Registered URLs:

the KDC Proxy Server service also uses Port 443. So i stopped the service and the listing port was closed

D:\> sc stop KPSSVC
D:\> netstat -an|findstr /i 443


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