Windows Remote Desktop Gateway: Resouce authorization policy store is corrupt


when you try to open the Remote Desktop Gateway Management Console and you get the following error:

The Remote Desktop resouce authorization policies (RD RAPs) cannot not be read. This problem might be due to a corrupted store for the RD RAP.

The Microsoft-Windows-TerminalServices-Gateway/Operational log contains errors with EventID 642:
The RD Gateway server cannot open the resource authorization policy store on Authorization Manager (Azman). The following error occurred: “11”.

Then your Resource Policy store is corrupt. The Store is a XML (rap.xml) file located in C:\Windows\System32\tsgateway.

D:\> dir C:\Windows\System32\tsgateway
  Directory of C:\Windows\System32\tsgateway

01.06.2024  18:17    <DIR>          .
03.06.2024  08:08    <DIR>          ..
01.06.2024  18:17                 0 rap.xml
               1 File(s)              0 bytes

If the file is 0 Byte then it is corrupt.

The only is to delete the file and recreate it.

D:\> net stop TSGateway
D:\> del C:\Windows\System32\tsgateway\rap.xml
D:\> net start TSGateway

Recreate your RAP Policy.


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