Windows: Store credentials to access a share


the credialstore offers the ability to store credientials to access some resources without entering the password every time when the resource is used.

This example stores the credentials for a network share.

Share:    \\\myShare$
User:     myUser
Domain:   myDomain
Password: VerySecred

Store Login

D:\> cmdkey / /user:myDomain\myUser /pass
D:\> cmdkey /list
Currently stored credentials:

    Type: Domain Password
    User: myDomain\myUser 

Connect to the network drive. Its important to omit the net use /user switch otherwise net use asks for the password. The Server string must exactly match as entered by cmdkey.

D:\> dir \\\myShare$ 
D:\> net use R: \\\myShare$ 

Explorer can also use the credentials. Do not specify any connect as parameters.


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