Windows Tools


this is a list of the tools that I daily use with Windows.

System Tools

Sysinternalssuite – Process Monitor, Process Explorer, TCPView, psexec Tools => very useful

Regalyzer – Advanced Regedit for Windows

CPU-Z – Info Tool for detailed CPU/RAM Information

GPU-Z – Info Tool for GPUs

Microsoft LogParser – Analyse csv, tsv Logfiles, EventLogs…with SQL Commands

Erase Disks

Diskwipe – Disk Cleaning Tool for Windows

Eraser Portable – Disk Cleaning Tool for Windows

DBAN – Linux live CD to clean a disk

Network Tools

Microsoft Network Monitor

NVSPBind – command line tool to change network bindings/order

PuTTY – ssh client, ssh file copy….

KiTTY – fork of PuTTY with some additional features

Programming Tools

Microsoft Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktops – IDE for Windows

Notepad++ – Editor

PowerGUI – Powershell IDE

WinMerge – Compare Text files

Strawberry perl – Perl distribution with many modules and an included c complier to install and built modules from cpan


VirtualBox – Running different Operating Systems as guests, with an installed extension pack you can passthrough USB2 devices.

to be continued…..


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