VMware ESXi: Setting up NAT with a linux virtual machine


other than the Workstation, VMware ESXi does not has the functionality to “NATting”¬†virtual machines network traffic into a public network.

My approach to implement NAT is a virtual machine with a slimmed-down (Debian) Linux.

These virtual machine has two network interfaces. The first interface is connected to a vSwitch called “Public LAN” with access to the public LAN, the second interface is connected to a vSwitch which has no physical adapter attached to and is called “NAT Network”. On the NAT interface a DHCP server is assigning IP Addresses.
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Windows: No installation of Windows Updates at a policy defined scheduled date and time


since Windows 8 respectively Server 2012 the policy to install Updates at a specific date and time has no affect.

Microsoft changed the behaviour for installing updates. The schedule for a installation and restart of updates is just defined by the deadline for Updates on the WSUS Server.
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Security: Check a webserver for heartbleed vulnerability with nmap


here is a short tutorial to check a webserver with nmap.

Update to the latest version of nmap. Otherwise nmap would not work (Error message:/usr/bin/../share/nmap/scripts/ssl-heartbleed.nse:40: This script requires the tls.lua library….). For example debian wheezy. Add the backport repository “deb http://ftp.uni-erlangen.de/debian/ wheezy-backports main” to /etc/apt/sources.list.

Refresh sources

root@debdev:/# apt-get update

Install the latest nmap version
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Powershell: A text based menu


a long time ago I wrote a Menu function for quickly choose predefined options in a script. An example

Source the menu.ps1 in your script and call  fShowMenu. This will show the menu. The function needs 2 parameters:
Parameter 1: The menu title as string
Parameter 2: A hashtable with the Menuentries. The key of an Menuitem is returned by the function the corresponding value is shown at the menu.

# Source the file
. .\menu.ps1
# Call Menu funtion
fShowMenu "Choose your favorite Band" @{"sl"="Slayer";"me"="Metallica";"ex"="Exodus";"an"="Anthrax"}
A text based Powershell Menu

A text based Powershell Menu

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