Windows: Internet Explorer set open as default action for a file extension


the following steps describe how to  open a file with a specific file extension in Internet Explorer without showing the open/save dialog. In this example a the URL http://myintranethost.local/data/doc.pptm should open the PowerPoint Viewer without any interaction.

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ESXi: No space left on device, ramdisk (root) is full


a VMware ESXi becomes unresponsive when the root ramdisk is full.


  • Can’t move VMs away from an ESXi host (vMotion)
  • vSphere HA is not working
  • ESXi Host does not join the cluster
  • Could not start vpxa daemon

~ #  cat /var/log/vmkwarning.log

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ESXi: Capture Network packets on a vSwitch port


ESXi offers some extented methods to capture network packets. Here are some examples.

First of all logon to your ESXi host by ssh.

To capture all traffic on a vmkernel interface use tcpdump-uw.
List all vmkernel interfaces

~ # esxcfg-vmknic -l
vmk0    .....   
vmk1    .....   

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