Atom Editor: Configure proxy settings


if you use the new Atom Editor from Github and want to use the integrated installer for packages and themes behind a proxy server you have to configure the .apmrc file.

At the Windows platform you have to take care that you do not edit the .apmrc file located in the %USERPROFILE%\.atom\.app\.apmrc. The file which is resides in %USERPROFILE%\.atom\.apmrc is the right one.

The file %USERPROFILE%\.atom\.apmrc is always being overwritten when atom starts.

Add the following lines to %USERPROFILE%\.atom\.apmrc and replace localhost:5865 with your proxy settings.

http-proxy = "http://localhost:5865"
https-proxy = "http://localhost:5865"
proxy = "http://localhost:5865"

And check settings

ATOM Package Installer
ATOM Package Installer


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One thought on “Atom Editor: Configure proxy settings”

  1. You mentioned “The file %USERPROFILE%\.atom\.apmrc is always being overwritten when atom starts.” this is also what I experienced. Then how do you persist the settings since it will always be lost.

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