Eagle: Approach to print a layout repeatedly to a page


Eagle does not offer a possibility to print a PCB layout repeatedly to a page. Also the copy & paste approach is limited to the max. board size and therefore depending on the license.

A possible way is to export the layout of the PCB to an .png file, import the image to GIMP and duplicate them.

But Step by Step:
In the Eagle board editor go to Options/Set, misc, and hide PAD-, Signal Names and via lengths.

Eagle Misc Options
Eagle Misc Options

Select the layers you want to export (I use Bottom, Pads, Vias, tRestrict, bRescrict)
Export Image: Resolution: 1200dpi, monochrome, specify a file.

Eagle Menu Export Image
Eagle Export Image Parameters

Start Gimp
Adjust the max new picture Size to 768MB

GIMP Max new picture size

Open the exported Image.

Eagle PCB Export

Invert the Image so that the wire are black

GIMP Invert Image

Result of inverting

PCB Inverted

Create a new empty greyscale Picture in GIMP. Choose a size in which you can copy your image multiple times and use the same resolution as you export your image before.

GIMP New Image Dialog

Go back to the exported image

GIMP Select all
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Copy all visible

GIMP Copy all visible

Go back to the new image and paste the layouts as new layers

GIMP Paste as new layer

To move the layouts to its individual position select the layer

GIMP Select layer
GIMP Move Layer
Page is now ready for printing


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