Windows: Start WiFi/WLAN Network Connection Dialog from command line or C#


to start the Windows Wireless Connection Dialog from a command shell use the following command line
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Windows: Activate Administrator access over Network


since Windows Vista the access from network for members of the local Administrators group is restricted by default.
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Windows: Recording Audio from the Audio loopback device


for learning C# I have created a sample project. I choose the NAudio library to play around with sound interfaces in Windows. Starting from this point the C# project grows :-).
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C#: Get description attribute from an enum value


in this post I will show how to read a description attribute of an enum value by reflection. Let us assume we have a enum linke this

public enum MetalBands {
	[DescriptionAttribute("This is Metallica from CA")]
	[DescriptionAttribute("This is Slayer from CA")]
	[DescriptionAttribute("This is Overkill from NY")]

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Windows: Disable automatic Window arranging and resizing while dragging with the mouse (AeroSnap)

Sometimes the Windows 7 functionality to automatically arrange or resize a window while dragging is a pain. This feature is called Aero Snap. Here are good news, you can disable the behaviour :-).

Open the Control Panel, go to “Ease of Access center”. If you are there, click “Make the mouse easier to use” and enable “Prevent Windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen”.

Mouse Settings

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