Linux: Switch a idle hard disk into standby mode


I have running a debian based multimedia server. The operating systems is installed on a compact flash card (/dev/sda), the data resides on a external USB SATA harddisk (/dev/sdb).
The (Server 🙂 ) Hardware is a Fujitsu Futro A240 ThinClient, with a power consumption of only 7W. I’m using the server for about 2 hours each day, therefore I looked for a method to save power and switch the USB disk to standby mode when its idle for while.

Check first if your hard disk supports the standby mode.  Ensure that the disk is idle, otherwise the disk is immediately active again.

Switch to Standby mode

root@debdev:~# hdparm -y /dev/sdb
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Windows: Disable automatic Window arranging and resizing while dragging with the mouse (AeroSnap)

Sometimes the Windows 7 functionality to automatically arrange or resize a window while dragging is a pain. This feature is called Aero Snap. Here are good news, you can disable the behaviour :-).

Open the Control Panel, go to “Ease of Access center”. If you are there, click “Make the mouse easier to use” and enable “Prevent Windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen”.

Mouse Settings

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