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Linux: Call a phone and play a message with asterisk


asterisk is a complete VoIP/SIP solution but can also be used as a SIP client to send a prerecorded message. In this example I will use a Fritz!box as the upstream SIP Server for asterisk.
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Windows: Set network parameters from command line by using WMIC.exe


you can use wmic.exe  to set some network parameters (and much more, its WMI!!) from command line. Syntax is very hard, but it works :-).

For Example. If you want to disable the DNS registration of all enabled Intel e1000 network adapters.

wmic path Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration where (IPEnabled="true" and ServiceName="E1G60") call SetDynamicDNSRegistration False,False

The Filter in the braces is the where condition of wmi “select * from NetworkAdapterConfiguration where IPEnabled=’true’ and ServiceName=’E1G60′ ” statement.  Modify this for your needs. By using WMI queries this is much more flexible than netsh command lines.