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Raspberry PI: Cross compiling the KNX/EIB eibd


if you want to use the Raspberry PI as a EIB/KNX Gateway or Tunnel you must compile the eibd sources from the scratch, because no precomplied binaries are currently available.

There are two ways to build the eibd. Compiling directly on the Raspberry PI or you compile it on your i386 PC. The last option means you have to “cross” compile the sources, because the RapsberryPi has a different processor architecture than your Intel/AMD PC. Here are the steps to build the eibd on an i386 using a crosscompiler for the ARM architucture.

I verfied the steps at a minimal debian system in a VirtualBox. So it is reproducible:-)

Install all necessary packages. Login as root

apt-get -y install git rsync cmake make gcc g++ binutils automake flex bison patch
Now you can Login as a “normal” user. Define a working folder
export BUILD_PATH=~/eibdbuild
mkdir -p $BUILD_PATH
We need a cross compiler respectively the toolchain for the arm1176jzf arm processor.
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