Eagle: Approach to print a layout repeatedly to a page


Eagle does not offer a possibility to print a PCB layout repeatedly to a page. Also the copy & paste approach is limited to the max. board size and therefore depending on the license.

A possible way is to export the layout of the PCB to an .png file, import the image to GIMP and duplicate them.
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Raspberry PI: Connecting a HD44780 Display over I2C Bus

Hi everybody,

some application, i.e. XBMC can show informations on a display by using LCDproc as driver.

This post describes a way to connect a HD44780 display to a Raspberry PIĀ  by i2c bus.

Let’s start with the physical layer. This is the overview schematic on how to connect the display to a Raspberry PI.

Connecting a hd44780 Display with Raspberry PI

Connecting a hd44780 Display with Raspberry PI

Based on these I developed small board with a 6 Pin header which is Pin compatible to the Raspberry PI. So a simple 6 pole ribbon cable can be used to connect the HD44780 Display to the fruit.
Here is my PCB. First the schematic.

Board schematic

Board schematic

and my board layout. Unfortunately there are a lot HD44780 models available and the location and the direction of the pins are different, so you have to adapt the layout to the specification of your display.
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