Powershell: Transfer Modules to an offline PC


in these days powershell modules are often installed from a (NuGet) Repository and not by a Setup program.

In companies may exists computers which does not have an active internet connection.

But how to install the modules on these devices?
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VMware ESXi: A (incomplete) list of host commands Part 3


part 3 of my (incomplete) list of the esx cli.

ESXi Advanced Kernel Settings/Parameters

Get all

esxcli system settings advanced list

Set one, i.e. disable the shell respectively ssh warnings

esxcli system settings advanced set -o /UserVars/SuppressShellWarning -i 1

ESXi Kernel modules

List loaded kernel modules

vmkload_mod  -l

Get a list of all enabled kernel modules

esxcfg-module -q
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