OpenVPN: A default config template for server and client


these are just 2 templates for a OpenVPN Server and a clients based on the post.

The Server side, based on Debian Linux 8. Copy Key, Certificate & CRL to the right place and create the diffie hellmann key for key exchange.

# Root Directory of the CA
export CA_ROOT_DIRECTORY=${HOME}/openvpn/CA
# The common directory
# Directory for Server Certificate
# The CRL
export CA_CRL=${CA_COMMON_DIR}/crl.pem
# The Environment variable where openssl looking for its config
export OPENSSL_CONF=${CA_COMMON_DIR}/openssl.cfg
# Move default config
mv /etc/openvpn/server  /etc/openvpn/server.old 2> /dev/null
# Copy Key & Certificate
mkdir /etc/openvpn/vpnsrv
cp $CA_SERVER_DIR/server.p12 /etc/openvpn/vpnsrv
cp $CA_CRL /etc/openvpn/vpnsrv
# Create Diffie Hellmenn key for key exchange
export OPENSSL_BIN=`which openssl`
$OPENSSL_BIN gendh -out "/etc/openvpn/vpnsrv/dh.pem" 2048
# Create a Logfolder
mkdir -p  /var/log/openvpn

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