Linux: Configure an interface for a tagged vlan by ifconfig


your linux box is connected to an ethernet switch where vlan tagging is configured (trunc) and you want to configure your network manually by ifconfig?

Load the module for tagged vlans 802.1q.
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Debian: Simple bind setup for test environments


these steps sets up a bind9 DNS Server on Debian 8 Jessie.

Install necessary packages

root@devdev ~# apt-get install bind9

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OpenVPN: A default config template for server and client


these are just 2 templates for a OpenVPN Server and a clients based on the post.

The Server side, based on Debian Linux 8. Copy Key, Certificate & CRL to the right place and create the diffie hellmann key for key exchange.

# Root Directory of the CA
export CA_ROOT_DIRECTORY=${HOME}/openvpn/CA
# The common directory
# Directory for Server Certificate
# The CRL
export CA_CRL=${CA_COMMON_DIR}/crl.pem
# The Environment variable where openssl looking for its config
export OPENSSL_CONF=${CA_COMMON_DIR}/openssl.cfg
# Move default config
mv /etc/openvpn/server  /etc/openvpn/server.old 2> /dev/null
# Copy Key & Certificate
mkdir /etc/openvpn/vpnsrv
cp $CA_SERVER_DIR/server.p12 /etc/openvpn/vpnsrv
cp $CA_CRL /etc/openvpn/vpnsrv
# Create Diffie Hellmenn key for key exchange
export OPENSSL_BIN=`which openssl`
$OPENSSL_BIN gendh -out "/etc/openvpn/vpnsrv/dh.pem" 2048
# Create a Logfolder
mkdir -p  /var/log/openvpn

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Raspberry Pi: Script to (Cross) Compile a new Kernel


a my Project Owncloud on a Raspberry Pi I want to use AppArmor to protect the lighttpd webserver. Unfortunately the default kernel is complied without apparmor support.

So I decided to build my own kernel:-)

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Windows: Configure to use a NTP Timeserver


you can Windows tell to synchronise your PCs time time with an NTP time server of your choice.
For example the german “Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)”, which is the responsible authority of the DCF77 (Time) transmitter, operates three of them:

To set these server as timesource use the following command with Administrator rights:

If the the W32time service does not exists, register them

w32tm /register

start the Time service
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