Windows PE: Disable DPI autoscaling


if you start an application on Windows PE which is not “compatible” with the Windows Display autoscaling feature the applications forms is shown “deformed”. Fonts does not scale down and are shown bigger then the controls itself.

You can prevent Windows from doing this 🙂
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Windows: Create a Windows PE boot medium


I will describe here how to create a Windows PE based boot media, a USB Stick or a boot CD, with some customization:
Language settings

  • Language settings
  • Keyboard settings
  • Additional drivers
  • Autostart a program
  • Add Powershell
  • Add .NET Environment
  • Add WMI Support

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Windows: Read Bitlocker encrypted drive in Windows PE


in WinPE it is possible to read bitlocker encrypted drives.

Check state
manage-bde -status c:

If the drive is only protected by a password use
manage-bde -unlock c: -pw
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Windows: Writing a new MBR an a USB Drive to boot Windows PE


booting operating systems, such as linux live systems or Windows PE based installations (Windows Vista,7,8),  from a USB Drive or Stick is a nice featured.

Unfortunately each writes it own boot code to the MBR (Master boot record). The boot code of Windows PE 2 and later  loads \BOOTMGR, linux is usually loaded with \syslinux.

Well known linux installers like TUXBOOT, the Universal-USB-Installer or UNetBootin do updating the MBR by installing the syslinux bootloader.

To get the  Windows PE MBR back without formating the stick, do the following steps.
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