Samba: Setup an Active Directory


unfortunately Microsoft has deceided to discontinue its Small Buisiness Server and for small environments you not really want to buy an Windows Server and install them as an Active Directory Domain Controller. When Microsofts Cloud isn’t also an option then you can use Samba :-).
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Creating and applying a patch with diff and patch


this post describes to save and apply changes to an source file.
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Openssl: Setup an intermediate CA


first ramp up your root CA as described in my previous post.
Steps to create a intermediate CA. Create the intermediate CA structure in filesystem
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Windows: Create a Windows PE boot medium


I will describe here how to create a Windows PE based boot media, a USB Stick or a boot CD, with some customization:
Language settings

  • Language settings
  • Keyboard settings
  • Additional drivers
  • Autostart a program
  • Add Powershell
  • Add .NET Environment
  • Add WMI Support

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VMware ESXi: Error while cloning a Disk to 2gbsparse format


since ESXi 5.1 it is no more possible to create or clone a disk by using the 2gbsparse disk format. Because it is not supported as a VMFS vitual disk format. This disk format is only part of the Desktop Products of VMware, like VMware Workstation or VMware Player.

However in earlier version the command line tool vmkfstools could create disks and clone disks in such format. If you try this in ESXi 5.1 or later version a

~ # vmkfstools -i Disk.vmdk clone.vmdk -d 2gbsparse
“The system cannot find the file specified.”

error occurs.
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