Unify IP Phone: Some key combinations and connect to a Fritzbox


this is the procedure for a factory reset a Unify IP Phone:

For a factory reset press 2, 8 and 9 keys at the same time.

Then enter the the (Hardcoded) Pin: 124816

To enter the Administration menu press 1, 3 and 0 keys at the same time:
Pin: 123456 (default)

TO Restart the phone press 1, 4 and 7 keys at the same time:
Pin: 123456 (default)

If the Phone ask for a Deployment PIN: The phone is unconfigured.

To configure the phone simply open a browser open the config page by entering the IP address. For example: Note: Traffic is TLS encrypted therefore: https.

To connect it to a Fritz!Box:

Add a new phone

Add a new phone

IP Phone
Type: IP Phone
Type: IP Phone

Add user
Add user for the new phone

Configure User

Unify configure user

Configure Fritz!Box connection

Unify configigure Fritz!Box connection

The default is to use encryption for the SIP connection. THis must be disabled when connecting to a fritzbox. Otherwise you get an error: SDP Parameter Error In SIP Request (488)
Disable encryption

Disable encryption


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