Windows: Adobe flash player files have an outdated version


since Windows 8/Server 2012 Microsoft delivers the Adobe Flash Player with it Operating System.

A customer had the problem although all related Updates(12/2019 KB4516115) were installed, the files in C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash and C:\Windows\Syswow64\Macromed\Flash have an old version:

C:\>dir C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash
 Volume in drive C is SYSTEM
 Volume Serial Number is 434F-121A

 Directory of C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash

19.04.2017  16:13           163.434 activex.vch
19.04.2017  16:13        29.288.440 Flash.ocx
19.04.2017  16:13           703.480 FlashUtil_ActiveX.dll
19.04.2017  16:13           973.816 FlashUtil_ActiveX.exe
C:\>dir C:\Windows\Syswow64\Macromed\Flash
 Volume in drive C is SYSTEM
 Volume Serial Number is 434F-121A

 Directory of C:\Windows\Syswow64\Macromed\Flash

19.04.2017  16:13           766.982 activex.vch
19.04.2017  16:13        22.716.920 Flash.ocx
19.04.2017  16:13           620.024 FlashUtil_ActiveX.dll
19.04.2017  16:13         1.355.256 FlashUtil_ActiveX.exe

Check Update state

PS C:\> Get-WmiObject -Query "Select * from win32_QuickFixEngineering"|?{$_.HotFixID -like "*4516115*"}

Source        Description      HotFixID      InstalledBy          InstalledOn
------        -----------      --------      -----------          -----------
MyComputer   Security Update  KB4516115     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM  15.09.2019 00:00:00

After some investigating and comparing with other machines I found that there is a problem in the component store. amd64_adobe-flash-for-windows_31bf3856ad364e35_none_b4179b8118d18c9f points to a wrong version (May be someone tried to install the Flash Player by the setup provided by Adobe):

PS C:\> get-item HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SideBySide\Winners\amd64_adobe-flash-for-windows_31bf3856ad364e35_none_b4179b8118d18c9f | ft -AutoSize
    Hive: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SideBySide\Winners
Name                                                                 Property
----                                                                 --------
amd64_adobe-flash-for-windows_31bf3856ad364e35_none_b4179b8118d18c9f (default) : 8.3

Correcting the default value on keys, both amd64_adobe-flash-for-windows_31bf3856ad364e35_none_b4179b8118d18c9f and wow64_adobe-flash-for-windows_31bf3856ad364e35_none_be6c45d34d324e9a, to Version 7.3 and deleting the 8.3 Key solves the issue

Flash Component SideBySide Error solved

Component SideBySide solved

Uninstall and install KB4516115 and the files should have the correct version

C:\> wusa /uninstall /KB:4516115
C:\> wusa c:\temp\windows8.1-kb4516115-x64.msu
C:\> dir C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash

30.08.2019  00:45           163.546 activex.vch
30.08.2019  00:45        28.930.152 Flash.ocx
30.08.2019  00:45           724.584 FlashUtil_ActiveX.dll
30.08.2019  00:45         1.010.280 FlashUtil_ActiveX.exe


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