Windows: Capture (Main) Screen and Audio with free software


there are a lot of tools which does this task.

But at the end of the day I used screen-capture-recorder.

Screen Capturer Recorder has an screen and audio grapper which can be used by ffmpeg, gstreamer and compatible tools. screen-capture-recorder has not a GUI interface but configured once it does its jobs.


Download the latest version from the release page and install it. In this example to the default directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Screen Capturer Recorder.

The package has ffmpeg “on board” so you can start immediately. A first simple example:

This command line records the main screen and all audio with a framerate of 10 fps

C:> "C:\Program Files (x86)\Screen Capturer Recorder\configuration_setup_utility\vendor\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe" -f dshow -i audio="virtual-audio-capturer":video="screen-capture-recorder" -r 10 D:\temp\test_screen_capture.mp4 -r 10 

But it is recommended to get hte latest version for Windows.

Screen Capturer Recorder is also configurable by some registry keys. The registry key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\screen-capture-recorder. Possible values:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


These are only example values. Adjust to your need or delete the one you not need.

Note: Screengrapping is also possible with the ffmpeg builtin input device gdigrab .

gdigrab can capture all screens.

C:> ffmpeg.exe -f gdigrab -framerate 10 -i desktop D:\temp\test_screen_capture.mp4 

and with audio

C:> ffmpeg.exe -f gdigrab -framerate 10 -i desktop -f dshow -i audio="virtual-audio-capturer"  D:\temp\test_screen_capture.mp4

Or as XVID

C:> ffmpeg.exe -f gdigrab -framerate 10 -i desktop -f dshow -i audio="virtual-audio-capturer" -c:v libxvid  D:\temp\test_screen_capture.avi

and split output file into 15 min chunks

C:> ffmpeg.exe -f gdigrab -framerate 10 -i desktop -f dshow -i audio="virtual-audio-capturer" -segment_time 00:15:00 -f segment -c:v libxvid -reset_timestamps 1 D:\temp\test_screen_capture%03d.avi  


C:> ffmpeg.exe -f gdigrab -framerate 10 -i desktop -f dshow -i audio="virtual-audio-capturer" -f segment -segment_time 900 -c:v libxvid -reset_timestamps 1 D:\temp\test_screen_capture%03d.avi  

gdigrap can either grap the whole desktop or a single window specified by the windows title. Take a look at the documentation for all options.


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