Windows: Change the Volume Serial Number of a partition or volume


for some migration scenarios it is nesseccary to set Volume Serial Number of a partition or volume. For example when you move  a license manager to a new hardware and the licenses are bound to the disk serial.

There is a tool VolumeID from Microsoft which provide such a feature. Download the the single file or get the whole Sysinternalssuite in which it is included.

Determine the “old” Volume serial number of the C: Disk:

[D:\] dir c:

Volume in drive C is SYSTEM         Serial number is 35AC:6BCC
Directory of  C:\*....

and set serial on the target machine. Replace the colon with a stroke.

[D:\] VolumeID.exe  C: 35AC-6BCC
VolumeID V2.01 - Set disk volume id
Copyright (C) 1997-1999 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals -

Volume ID for drive C: updated to 35AC-6BCC

Reboot your machine  and C: has a new serial number.


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