Windows: Installer stops with error “The System Administrator has set Policies to prevent this Installation”


you tried to install a Software Package and it stops with MSI Error: The System Administrator Has Set Policies to Prevent This Installation

Windows Installer Error

3 possible reasons for this issue:

An previous or uncomplete installation
Check the registry subkeys of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products if there is already an entries for your product. If yes delete the whole Subkey.

Check if the Windows Installer is disabled
Look for the key
DisableMSI Type: REG_DWORD
If DisableMSI is set to 1 then the Installer is disabled by a policy (local or domain). Try to set it to 0

Check if any Software restriction policy is active
You can recognize if a Software Restriction Policy is active when an Registrykey
Install the Group Policy Managenment Console and examine the Policy.


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