Windows Media Player: Exporting or printing a Playlists


a friend of mine wants to print the content of some Windows Media Player playlists , but there is no export or print option available.
I wrote him a small C# program which does the job :-). It uses the AxInterop.WMPLib COM Interface.

Windows Media Player Playlist Printer and exporter

Windows Media Player Playlist Printer and exporter

Here is a short description of the program.

  • The program creates a new instance of the mediaplayer by using the AxInterop.WMPLib COM Interface
  • It gets a list of all playlists
  • After selecting a playlist and loading that one
  • It creates a html file and shows these in an embedded Internet Explorer Control
  • Now you can print your playlist
  • Or you can export your playlist as a csv file which you can open with LibreOffice/OpenOffice calc, Excel or any text editor.

The look of the page shown in the IE Control can be controlled by some css classes. One disadvantage. If you want to change the look you currently have do recomplie the sources.

<style type=""text/css"">
    body {font-family:Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,Helvetica;font-size:12px;}
    h2 {font-size:12px;}
    td,th,tr {font-size:10px;}
    .tdlineodd {background-color:#ffffff;}
   .tdlineeven {background-color:#eeeeee;}
   .playlisttable {border: solid 1px #ffffff;}

Sources for Visual Studio Express 2010 are attached in the zip file (MD5 4b36b3cc0d3fa93211e8246654b836c2) below. Soures are licensed under the GPL , so feel free to modify but share it with the community!

If you cannot compile the sources yourself there is also  precomplied Version info.michlstechblog.MediaPlayerExport.exe in the bin\Release folder of the zip package. Simply copy the release folder to your disk and start the info.michlstechblog.MediaPlayerExport.exe file.

Have fun.


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  1. I am taking class in statistics and need to look at 100 songs time. I saw your program but can”t get it to work. I did not have Visual basic.The exe. file have Config or Manifest after exe. How can I get it to run?


    • Hi Hector,

      which Windows Version? Have you installed .NET Framework 2/3.5 ?



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