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Windows Terminal Server: Microsoft Edge does not open when the same user has edge already opened


Edge and Chrom can only be opened one time for a user. If a user has multiple sessions opened on a Windows Terminal Server with the same credenitals, edge can only start once time because the profile (UserDataDir) can only used by one instance. Otherwise the profile is getting corrupt.

A workaround is to assign each session a seperate UserDataDir. This has one disadvantage: Bookmarks and so on depends on the sessionname.

To start edge in multiple RDP session I used the following command line parameter. This sets the DataDir to the sessionname.

edge --user-data-dir=C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\Profile\%SESSIONNAME%

Another option is the %CLIENTNAME% variable. CLIENTNAME contains the Computername of the machine from which you establish the RDP session.


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Windows: GPO Logon/logoff scripts


User GPO logon/logoff script definitions are stored in an extra place. They are not part of C:\windows\System32\grouppolicy\user\registry.pol nor they can be exported my secedit.
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Powershell: Some basics accessing the BCDstore by WIM


here are some starters for accessing the bcd store from powershell by using WMI.

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winget: Basic usage


here are some winget basics
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Powershell: Encrypt and decrypt strings with the host key


each Windows machine has it’s own host key. This can be used to encrypt data which are only decrypted by this computer.

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