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Windows: Lock the screen by command line


there is no command line tool that can lock the screen, but it’s possible by calling the Win32 API function.
This can be done by Rundll32.exe
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VMWare vSphere: Update VCSA Appliance from command line


I will show you how you can update a VCSA Appliance from command line rather then from webfrontend.

I assume you have configured a proxy server when you do not have a direct internet connection.

Login to the appliance at the console or by ssh.

First of all check the state of the lookup service by lsdoctor

Run the lsdoctor tool to recognized some certificate issues. Certificate issues are often the problem when an update fails.

Command> shell
root@vCenter [ ~/lsdoctor-master ]# python lsdoctor.py -l
2021-12-13T12:52:04 INFO generateReport: Listing lookup service problems found in SSO domain...
2021-12-13T12:52:04 INFO generateReport: No issues detected in the lookup service entries

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Linux: ip command line examples


the old style ifconfig, route and netstat commands does not support all network, especially IPv6, features shipped with modern linux distributions.

Replacement are ip (ifconfig, route) and ss (netstat). Here are some examples.
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Windows: Set network parameters from command line by using WMIC.exe


you can use wmic.exe  to set some network parameters (and much more, its WMI!!) from command line. Syntax is very hard, but it works :-).

For Example. If you want to disable the DNS registration of all enabled Intel e1000 network adapters.

wmic path Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration where (IPEnabled="true" and ServiceName="E1G60") call SetDynamicDNSRegistration False,False

The Filter in the braces is the where condition of wmi “select * from NetworkAdapterConfiguration where IPEnabled=’true’ and ServiceName=’E1G60′ ” statement.  Modify this for your needs. By using WMI queries this is much more flexible than netsh command lines.