Tasmota: My FAQs


these are my FAQs for Tasmota:

Q: What is a component Switch1n?
A: See Component list

Q: Can I let an output blink?
A: Yes, set the blinkinterval in 100msec steps the blinkcount (how often) -> For example relay 1
BlinkTime1 10
BlinkCount 20
power1 3

Q: Can I set an output only for a specific (pulse) time?
A: Yes, set the pulsetime for the specific relay and it would be only switch on for that time. Note the pulsetime number <= 111 are 0.1sec steps, pulsetime numbers > 111 are 1sec steps – 100 -> For example set relay 2 to 12 sec (Pulsetime parameter + 100) :
pulsetime 112
power on

Q: Can I define a Name for a Button/Switch ?
A: Yes use the webbutton command. Example:
webbutton1 Light

Q: How to setup a PWM output?
A: See this post

Q: How to build Tasmota?
A: See my post

Q: How to flash Tasmota by esptool
A: described in this post

Q: Are there some Rule examples?
A: Here are some examples
This rule writes the onchange the width PWM1 to a attached display

rule1 on PWM#PWM1 do displaytext [x0y0]PWM1: %value%  endon

Show, enable or disable a rule

rule1 1
rule1 0

This rule acts on the change of the temperature of a SI7021 sensor.
I used the var1 to detect the change, if I would use ON SI7021#Temperature DO then each time a value is read from SI7021 a publish would send to the MQTT broker.
When var1 was changed and is lower then 9 power/relay is set to on.
When var1 was changed and greater equal then 11 power/relay is set to off.

rule1 ON SI7021#Temperature != %var1% DO BACKLOG var1 %value%; publish switches/tele/tasmota_D7DCFE/test %value%; ENDON 
ON var1#state DO if (var1<9) POWER on; ENDIF ENDON  
ON var1#state DO if (var1>=11) POWER off; ENDIF ENDON

Q: Does Tasmota supports a REST api?
A: No. But you can use GET webrequests
For example:


Importend is to encode the url in HTML format when special characters or spaces must/are used. This can be simply done by powershell or python.
An example. The command is Displaytext This is a Test!

[System.Uri]::EscapeDataString("Displaytext This is a Test!")


from urllib.parse import quote
quote("Displaytext This is a Test!")


encodeURI(Displaytext This is a Test!");

Q: Can I manage my Tasmota devices centrally?
A: Yes, a Windows Program Tasmota Device Manager exists

Q: Can I subscribe MQTT topics to use it in rules
A: Yes, but subscribing topics is not included in precompiled binaries. The firmware must compiled by yourself and SUPPORT_MQTT_EVENT must set.

rule2 ON mqtt#connected DO Subscribe TempVar, devices/tele/myTasmota/SENSOR, SI7021.Temperature ENDON
ON Event#TempVar do Displaytext Temperatur: %value% endon

Q: Is the esp32 module supported
A: Yes, but is in beta status. The link contains the description on how to built it.

Q: Can I display var,mem, .. in the WebUi
A: Yes, but the fimware must compiled with USE_SCRIPT and USE_SCRIPT_WEB_DISPLAY
To be continued…


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