Windows: Change System and User language


Windows has System and User language settings. They are independed.

Use dism to get a list of all installed languages.

D:\> dism /online /Get-Intl
Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 10.0.19041.572

Image Version: 10.0.19041.630

Reporting online international settings.

Default system UI language : en-US
System locale : de-DE
Default time zone : W. Europe Standard Time
Active keyboard(s) : 0407:00000407
Keyboard layered driver : PC/AT Enhanced Keyboard (101/102-Key)

Installed language(s): de-DE
  Type : Partially localized language, MUI type.
  Fallback Languages en-US
Installed language(s): en-US
  Type : Fully localized language.

The operation completed successfully.

To set the Systemlanguage use the Set-WinSystemLocale coammnd-let. For example

PS D:\> Set-WinSystemLocale de-DE

Set the language for the User. Set-WinUserLanguageList sets the include input method, spelling-, text prediction-, and handwriting settings.

PS D:\> Set-WinUserLanguageList de-DE -Force
PS D:\> Set-WinUILanguageOverride -Language de-DE

If want to install additional languages download the Language pack DVD and mount it. For example to F:\

PS D:\> Add-WindowsPackage -PackagePath F:\x64\langpacks\ -Online


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