C#: Get description attribute from an enum value


in this post I will show how to read a description attribute of an enum value by reflection. Let us assume we have a enum linke this

public enum MetalBands {
	[DescriptionAttribute("This is Metallica from CA")]
	[DescriptionAttribute("This is Slayer from CA")]
	[DescriptionAttribute("This is Overkill from NY")]

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OpenVPN: Built a certification authority from scratch with openssl


these are the steps to build your own CA (Certification Authority) and all requiered certificates for a OpenVPN instance (Client and Server) on Linux.

Define your environment. Always set these variables in the shell before executing openssl commands. Adjust it to your needs.
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Linux: Creating a ssh keypair with puttygen


use the following steps to create a ssh key pair with puttygen and import the public key on a linux hosts.

Start puttygen and generate an 4096 Bit RSA Key.

Generate an 4096Bit RSA Key

Generate an 4096Bit RSA Key

Set a strong password and save it (D:\temp\private.ppk in this example) at a secure location.
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